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Clare Eden - Executive Producer


Dan Freeman - Writer, Director, Producer, Sound Designer


Chris Mock - Principal Sound Engineer


Jim Armstrong - Location Recording Engineer (Episode 3)


Jonathan Barnes - Script Editor (Episodes 3-5)


Abi Bunney - Production Assistant


Kate Cornish - Launch PR


Daniel J Logan - Sound Editor (Episodes 4 & 5)


Julian Mayers - Sound Editor (Episode 1)


Chris Mock - Sound Editor (Episode 2 & 3)


Ian Nolan - Production Photographer


Jules Sherred - Podcast Presentation


Eloise Whitmore - Sound Editor (Prologue)


Stef Walker - Sound Editor (Episode 4)

The Minister's Device and logo designed by Thomas Moulton


Motion Graphics and design by Dave Palser


Illustrations by Lee Sullivan 


Harp music by Annette Bjorling


Closing credits track: 'Bitter Honey' by Khartoum Heroes

(available on iTunes)


We are very grateful to Skookum Monkey for Geek Support


And to Bruce Collingwood for his advice on the digital campaign for our launch


Thanks also to Karl Philips and Dr Alaric Hall



Court Jesters

these Chancers have kept us all entertained as winners of Execcer's Caption Competition - and we all know laughter is definitely the best medicine for long hours and no pay!   Alan Fry Peters, Daniel Wealands, Dave Pashby, Deb Waters, Elizabeth Lawrence, Gary Cousins, Jenny Shirt, Laura Ylva Stark, Louise Monaghan, Paula Manley and Stuart Kerrigan  - and honorary membership for Glenn Harrison and John Page who just keep on making the shortlist !

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