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Gethin Anthony - Sutu


Isobel Collingwood - Princess Didi (audio prologue)


Simon Hickson - Gallichan


Lloyd Hutchinson - Menin 


Mark Lewis - The King of Tanto


Jay Taylor - Ilias


the company:


Jonathan Akingba  - Bjorlette

Kevin Baldwin - Jockel

Simon Bugg - Major Let

Luke Carroll - Private Merat 

Daniel Easton - Corrio

Iain Fraser - Major Penny

Matt Freeman - Dando

Chris French - The Prime Minister of Jura

Richard Garaghty - Match Werming, Squezit

James Manley- Buser - Chief Cotts

Nathan Ives-Moiba - Captain Waze

Gareth Jones - Hotbeehns

Andrew Martyn-Lewis - Private Devian 

Petra Massey  - Gurk      

Erik McCall - Private Kershaw

George A. Murphy - Lord Drake

Richard Oliver - The Executioner Duall        

Kane Sharpe - Rosta, Prince Attin

Jenny Shirt - Ensign Waters

Rachel Spicer - Kitty’s Mother

Michael Stevenson - Major Panter

Alex Warren - Captain Janthorn

Joe Weinmunson - Hart










Julian Wadham -  The Minister






Lauren Crace - Kitty






Jenny Agutter - Professor Cantha






Jed Brophy - The Pilot






Paul Darrow  - Lord Rathen






Stuart Fox - Porcher






Philip Glenister - The Summer King






Beth Goddard - Sunflower






Tamsin Greig - The Sage of the Waves






Peter Guinness - The Horseman






Kemi-bo Jacobs - Queen Laila of Jura






Sylvester McCoy - The Witch Prime






Paul McGann - Durian






Frances Tomelty -The Seer of Sezuan






and with a special guest appearance from



Sophie Aldred as 'Polichar'




















































































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