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Hold Excalibur 


A stage play / live movie

Boy meets wizard; gets magic sword; kicks ass

    This is not another retelling of King Arthur, it is the telling. I want to create a live version of our national creation myth in unapologetically thrilling, heroic and optimistic form. We will use every possible tool to create not just a play but an immersive experience with all the magic, myth, romance and action of Game of Thrones or Star Wars, but live!

     The success of my last play (A JOKE), was I think in part due to the fact that I wrote a short version first, then expanded it slowly and organically according to what worked on stage. This is my plan again. I will spend four days a week for three weeks writing a short one-hour script. I hope to earn national minimum wage for doing this, funded by donations. All donors will get a copy of the one-hour script.

We will then begin rehearsals in Cheshire (socially distanced of course) with the aim of touring the play in 2021. There will be lots of opportunities to see it online, and to see rehearsals and snippets, so if you're abroad, don't be put off!